2015 Winners

by Luigi Storto – 
Teramo, Italy

Naleena is an Indian transgender and according the culture of her country she belongs to the so-called “third sex,” neither man nor woman.
As an offering to the Goddess Kali, Indian transgenders, called Hijras, undergo the ritual emasculation, carried out in secret and without anesthesia by the Thaaiamma, a kind of sacred midwife.
Traditionally considered sacred beings because daughters and priestesses of Kali, nowadays Hijras live like outcasts, even at a lower level than the caste of Pariah, and to survive the majority of them is forced to beg and sex work.

Director’s Statement:
Luigi Storto was born in 1978. After he graduated in History of Cinema, he discovered his passion for photography.
He travelled in Eastern Europe and South Asia covering social and environmental issues. Currently he is based in London.

Cinema Purgatorio
by Chris White – Greenville, SC

They made a Bill Murray movie without Bill Murray. What could possibly go wrong?

Director’s Statement:
Chris White has produced three feature films in recent years: the showbiz comedy CINEMA PURGATORIO (2014, co-writer, director, actor), broken-family drama GET BETTER (2012, co-writer, co-director, actor) and the spare and touching TAKEN IN (2011, writer, director). In addition, he has produced three award-winning short films: FULLY DETACHED (2013), DOBRA OJCA (2012), and GOOD LIFE (2010).
Between collaborations with his producing partner and wife Emily, Chris co-produces, writes, and directs for the wildly popular web-series STAR TREK CONTINUES and speaks/teaches about cinema storytelling.
Chris believes in creative entrepreneurship, handmade films for friends, and artistic ambition without cynicism.

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Short Film
Last Night At The Ellington
by Geoffrey Gunn – Greenville, SC

When the managers of the Ellington learn their classic movie theater is closing to make way for a new megaplex, they come up with a plan to shut the Ellington down in style.

Director’s Statement:

Geoffrey Gunn is an award winning writer and director. He grew up just outside Niagara Falls, Canada and is a graduate of York University’s film and television production program. He worked several odd jobs in and out of the motion picture business before eventually finding his way as a screenwriter and director.

His past writing and co-writing credits include the screenplay for legendary anime director Mamoru Oshii’s GARM WARS: THE LAST DRUID (2015), a special presentation at the Tokyo International Film Festival; DIRTY WEEKEND (2014), an official selection of the Montreal World Film Festival; CINEMA PURGATORIO (2014), winner of the Best Comedy and Audience Choice Award at the Beaufort International Film Festival, and SIREN (2010), an official selection of the Abertoir International Horror Festival.

He recently wrote and produced his directorial debut, the award winning short film LAST NIGHT AT THE ELLINGTON (2014), and continues to develop new projects.

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 SC Short Film
Shelter County
by Micah Taylor – Greenville, SC

In a haunting southern town, a new police officer is tasked with informing a young woman of her husband’s grisly murder, but battles with his own convictions when he becomes suspicious the widow might have played a role in her husband’s death.

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