The Spirits Still Move Them
By: David Weintraub
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 00:58:00
Trailer: Watch Here
Description: Everything we know about moonshine and moonshiners is wrong. From the Beverly Hillbillies to Thunder Road, moonshiners have been portrayed as lazy, drunk outlaws who are unable to hold a regular job, wear long beards and have longer arrest records with few redeeming qualities except for their entertainment value. “Spirits” re-looks at moonshine history by chronicling the life of the Appalachian farmer, the resilient life they lived and the role liquor production played in helping them make a living.

By:​ Emily Porter
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:09:38
Trailer: Watch Here
Description: A neurologist (Harold) learns how to view the memories of the deceased and becomes obsessed with learning about the lives of others; so much so that he sets out to murder innocent people to be able to study them. One night while on a run, Sophia catches Harold in the act. She then devises a dangerous plan with Harold’s assistant (Emma) to hold him accountable and find justice for those that have passed on.

Straight to Video
By: Prosser Heroman
Category: South Carolina Film
Runtime: 00:09:29
Description: After finding a mysterious VHS tape in a yard sale, a young man goes searching for answers and finds himself trapped on replay.

By: Austin Leih Productions
Category: Feature
Runtime: 00:22:49
Trailer: Watch Here
Description:Alpenglow is the story of a woman, Mia, caught between her devotion to protecting the Earth and providing for her son. Set in the palpable angst of the late 90s, Mia and a small group of fellow environmental extremists execute the protest of their lives, targeting a destination ski resort set for expansion into a nearby national forest. Mia’s life is thrown into a spiral when their act of arson results in the accidental death of a local boy. When a future of incarceration proves inevitable, it forces Mia to collide with grief and wrestle with her responsibilities as a mother.

Figs For Italo
By: Bob Celli
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:18:48
Trailer: Watch Here
Description: A world at war. A brother and sister. A day that changed their family forever.
Figs For Italo is based on a true story and inspired by actual events.
Dora is about to enjoy yet another family gathering at her home.
A simple question from a journalist who is about to interview the next door neighbor, takes Dora back to a significant day in her life: It is autumn, 1943, in Dora’s small hometown in the hills of Italy. WWII is raging all over Europe and is about to change her and her family forever.
Figs for Italo shows how the past ripples into the present and how it is often very much alive and very close to the surface.

John Henry
By: David Donar
Category: Animated
Runtime: 00:01:30
Trailer: Watch Here
Description:John Henry is most recognized as an African American Man who worked on driving spikes into the rails or building the rail tunnels in West Virginia during the late 1800’s.

Home Invasion
By: Carl Clark, Demitra Papadinis
Category: Comedy
Runtime: 00:06:33
Description: A burglar gets more than he bargained for when he invades the home of an elderly couple.

Inspirational Documentary

Myles Berrio – From Surviving to Thriving
By: Anil Dhokai
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 00:07:49
Trailer: Watch Here
Description: Myles Berrio shares how a car accident changed his life and how his outlook shaped his journey through recovery.

People's Choice Winner

By: Corey Maher, Collins Abbott White

Category: People Choice
Runtime: 00:26:58
Trailer: Watch Here
Description: Michael returns home from work one day to find his wife, Rachel, has disappeared. Michael’s comical search for Rachel and his interaction with neighbors ultimately ends in a bizarre and supernatural thriller, which will leave the audience on the edge of their seats and scratching their heads.