Sarah Shoemaker

Filmmaker, International Ballet SC

Sarah Shoemaker
Director, International Ballet SC

Sarah Shoemaker is a director, producer, and actress living in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Location: Greenville, SC
  • Website:
  • Festival year: 2021
  • Film title: Invitation to the Dance

Artist bio

Producer, actress, and non-profit Executive Director Sarah Shoemaker has enjoyed a diverse career as a creator. She began as a professional dancer (Charleston Ballet, SC), choreographer (TD Bank Wow! Awards, Augusta Players), and Director of Dance for independent schools (Ensworth School, Brentwood Academy, TN). She transitioned from the dance industry to work as an actor in independent film, tv, and commercial projects. After a 2014 move to Greenville, SC with her husband and two children, Shoemaker discovered Lena Forster and her work with adults with intellectual disabilities at International Ballet. She spent the following several years learning how to edit and produce a film about Forster and her work while also serving International Ballet as Marketing Director. In 2019, Ms. Shoemaker was promoted to Executive Director. Along with her new responsibilities, she continues to produce videos and short films.

Artist statement

Invitation to the Dance intends to show the ability that all people have to change the world for the better. As Carmen, one of the film’s featured dancers, says, “Everyone has limitations,” but as she and others demonstrate, everyone also has the power to inspire. I hope I have captured some of that power in the film.