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2017 Winners


Best Documentary


By: Brittany Paul, Ryan Cockrell, Ethan Jackson
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 01:06:00

If you like the show Parks and Recreation, you’ll love this real life comedy of errors as the “number one city in the world,” Charleston,SC bumbles its way through a traffic jam of ass proportions. Some of the most flavorful characters delight with hilariously quotable quotes, both brilliant and ridiculous. This is the story of how one city continuously tried to ignore the solution to the “biggest problem they have,” traffic. Told through a series of interviews with local officials, and advocates as well as news clips from key events, Backpedal slowly unveils the answer that has been sitting right in front of us. While most of us are sitting in our cars trying to figure out how to make traffic move more quickly, people on bicycles are gliding past us. The only problem: in order to enjoy the spoils of biking, they have to risk their lives

2019 best feature

Best Feature


By: Tom Bhramayana
Category: Feature Film
Runtime: 01:36:52

Description:Grady Lee Jr. is a recluse farmer, who discovers his late father’s hidden journal that contains the research and plans to an electro-magnetic machine with technology derived from the lost research of Nikola Tesla. He believes this discovery could change the world. With the help of his friend Boudreaux, Grady starts working on the device, known as Jack, when his work is interrupted by an unexpected phone call from his step-sisters attorney. Mary Ann dies and leaves him custodian of her special 6 year old nephew, Kai. This responsibility is unexpected and interferes with his obsession. But, may be exactly what he needs to finish his father’s work.

Best Short

Crab Trap

Chip White
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:24:48

Description:Crawling back from the edge of society, Thirsty tries to prove he’s a
“changed man” to his sister in order to gain access to his daughter
once again.

Palmetto Prize

Catch and Kill

By: Geoffrey Gunn
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:10:20

Description:A young reporter hungry for a big break gets her chance when an anonymous source contacts her with information about a congressman’s extramarital affair.

Best Animation

Rail Road Bill

By: David Donar
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:02:00

Description: A train hobo rules the rails fueled by whisky.

Best Student Film

The Lions of Trondheim

By: Zachary Johnson
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:00:00

Description: Set in Norway, 1940. Someone is betraying the Norwegian resistance to the Nazis, and a young residence fighter must decide who to trust.

Audience Choice 

For Love

By: Kevin Murray
Category: Short
Runtime: 00:07:509

Description: He can save the world; he just can’t talk to a girl.
Matt, who seems to be quite the average fellow, shleps through his workdays at a local convenience store, unnoticed by most, including his coworker Maddie, the girl of his dreams. Little do they know that Matt single-handedly saves the world from utter destruction every single night.