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2018 Winners

dollar days movie


Living On A Dollar A Day

By: Thomas Nazario & The Forgotten International

RunTime: 00:46:02


Description: This film is based on the making of the award-winning book, Living on a Dollar a Day. It follows the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Renée C. Byer as she explores the personal experiences of women, children, and families who live in extreme poverty in ten countries around the world. Her acclaimed images, along with the book’s author, Professor Thomas Nazario’s knowledge of the causes and effects of poverty, as well as other experts in their respective fields, help tell the stories of the daily lives of the poor. The film also highlights the efforts of everyday heroes around the world who work hard to help bring hope to some of those in the greatest need. This film is a must see for everyone who cares about global issues. Bay Area videographer George Rosenfeld accompanied Byer to four continents to capture the stories, the film was edited by Los Angeles-based five-time Emmy Award-winning video editor, Karlo Gharabegian. 

dirt mccomber

Feature Film

Dirt McComber

By: Ryan White, Joanne Storkan, Brand Davis
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 01:13:00


Eric “Dirt” McComber is a rugged individualist who provides for his large family by hunting and fishing the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory near Montreal. But he must straddle two worlds to accomplish his many business, family, and societal functions. Adding to this is his passion and dedication to the sport of lacrosse, not just because of its modern-day significance, but also because it is the spiritual practice founded by his ancestors, the Iroquois of North America, who for centuries played the game to honor the Creator as well as for the wellness of their native communities.


Short Film

Curb Service

By: Andrew Huggins, John R. Sexton
Runtime: 00:12:56

Description: A long lost cousin returns home to grieve for his departed Aunt Edna.

Palmetto Prize

37 Ghosts

By: Collins Abbott White
Runtime: 00:16:12


A hired gun, haunted by the ghosts of his past kills, and struggling with guilt, goes on his final hit.

Why do I so often do the things I hate? Harvey knows what he is doing is wrong. He tries every day to find forgiveness. Father Andrew grows weary of the hours he spends hearing Harvey talk around the problem without actually confessing what he has done. Harvey is a hit man who wants another job. The problem is, he can’t get away from the ghosts. Every one, all 36 victims, show up at various, inconvenient times to jibe at him. They are beginning to throw him off his game and distract him from the job at hand. All of them, that is, except the first one. Angelica wasn’t the target, her father was. She got in the way, and now Harvey can’t sleep —her face is always there, her voice in his head. She says she forgives him. Why can’t that be enough?


Blue Note

By: David Donar
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:02:40

Description:A guitarist finds inspiration from above.

Student Film


By: William Simmons
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:17:52

Description: A veteran hit man named Leo drives his rusty Chevy through the bleak terrain of Nevada’s desert. He is on a mission that was given to him by his mob boss Hunt, a mission that will end in the death of a young girl. After discovering the young girl was part of Hunt’s underage sex trafficking ring, Leo disobeys his orders in an attempt to atone for past sins.

Audience Choice

Harvest Season

By: Daljit Kalsi
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:31:00

Description: A husband learns that his wife of more than three decades has terminal cancer and questions if being so busy making a living all these years was worth it now that the future both Ed and Elsie had dreamed of is being ripped away by an incurable disease.