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2023 Schedule


2023 Entries sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas

Films, Indie Grant, Q&A with film makers, Happy Hour, Awards Ceremony

February 17, 18, 19th 2023 South Carolina’s Children’s Theatre, Augusta St. Greenville

Visit concessions during the festival for popcorn, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and special Reedy Reels t-shirts

Opening Night Reception Sponsored by Tito's Handmade Vodka, Carter Family Wines & Tupelo Honey

Friday, February 17  5:15 – 7:15pm

Celebrate opening night of the 2023  Reedy Reels Film Festival with our reception and VIP Party to kick off this year’s festival. Our kick-off party will have cocktails & hors d’oerves available at SC Children’s Theatre Lobby.

Opening Night Screenings

Friday, February 17   7:20 – 9:15 pm

We will be screening films during the reception that will take place at the SC Children’s Theatre venue.

First Memory

FIRST MEMORY is a micro-budget collaboration between film students, educators and professionals. The character with the rake is actor Nicholas Pryor (Tom Cruise’s father in RISKY BUSINESS). The crew included Bobby Huber, key grip on BRAVEHEART and LEGENDS OF THE FALL. Bobby mentored a student for whom it was literally their first day on a film set. Due to the pandemic, the two scenes (stuck car, counselor’s office) were filmed more than a year apart.

Dreaming of a Better Place

Nestled deep within British Columbia, the Gostlin family finds solace in the spirit of the mountains and culture of powder skiing, after an unexpected tragedy changes the family’s dream forever. The film co-stars Canadian skier Mark Abma (75,000+ IG followers), with a sensational soundtrack recorded in Berlin’s Funkhaus Cathedral by Liam Mour (250,000+ Spotify followers) in partnership with Sony Music Europe. Directed by 24-year-old Cannes YDA nominee Cameron Thuman, this global team and its media partners are actively ready to attend and heavily promote screenings.


A jaded alcoholic has his world view challenged by an unexpected act.

Gospel of Ted

Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor is getting ready to leave South Carolina behind forever and start a new life in the Queen City - until her deadbeat husband exchanges all their hard-earned money for cryptocurrency at the behest of a shadowy cult figure, known only as Ted. Before her new life can begin, Ferra must dismantle Ted's legion of Apocalypse-preppers, restore her husband's sanity, and salvage what's left of her good name.

Saturday Session 1 Thank you sponsor Susan Fox

February 18, 2023 10:00 am

Q&A Following at 11:40 am

Curtain Call

Musical Theatre in High School can be pretty crazy! When resident it-girl Lea loses the lead role in her school's senior year musical, she is overcome with jealousy and sparks a plot to win back her role, whatever it takes.

The Pirate

Hey there pirate fans, watch this great film.

Owe Joe

Philip is helping his friend Andie get out of a sticky money situation, but when things go wrong, he is stuck between her, a small-time crime boss, an ex-boyfriend, a cashier, and a cowboy.


The son of a murdered research scientist risks it all to obtain the cure for cancer to give to the people. Rick Sharpe, the son of late cancer researcher Martin Sharpe, in an effort to keep his father’s work alive, breaks into Sharpe Labs to steal his father’s recent cure for cancer. But when his Uncle, Victor Sharpe, stops Rick in his tracks, he must use his resources to take the cure and escape, giving the cure to the people like his father wanted.

Field of Crosses

After a heavy loss for a group of soldiers in the Second World War, the survivors find themselves surrounded and alone. As they move through enemy territory, and memories of home return, the two become determined to survive long enough to see their loved ones again somewhere other than a field of crosses.

What the Fur?

In an effort to discover what secrets lie in the mysterious furry fandom, Prosser Heroman takes you into the lion's den to ask the question: What the Fur?

Death of an Industry

Once known as the textile capital of the world, Greenville, South Carolina now has only three functioning textile mills. Due to the rising popularity of cheap, overseas clothing manufacturing, local textile plants now face closure nation-wide. This documentary short focuses on the effects of a dying industry and the importance of preserving SC textiles.

Assisted Living

After encountering a road rage incident, a young couple with little experience of the real world are followed to their new home by trouble. As events go from bad to worse, they find the assistance of their home AI speaker to be a comforting voice during this troubling evening. Will its assistance be what they need?

Education Session: Film Distribution Strategies

February 18, 2023 12:15-1:00

1-1:30 Networking break in the lobby.

Saturday Session 2

February 18, 2023 1:30 – 3

Q&A Following at 3:10pm

Ode to Consent

A seemingly happy birthday party has a dark twist


One of the few places Mollie feels confident is in the water...until a stranger interrupts her night swim.

Auger Hole

On a yearly ice fishing trip; two men learn a dark secret about their fishing guide and friend.

The Sound of Your Voice

Derek and Sydney grew up together in their small home town. Their friendship sparked into romance. But being high-school sweethearts led to some difficult choices for themselves and their relationship. When one of them pursues a more progressive path after high-school, their bond is tested as they come to terms with their past decisions.

The Fall From Grace

After the Great depression of the 1930’s many children were displaced, the lucky ones were “farmed-out” to relatives. This is the story of one tragic day of “little Johnny”, being raised by his “sharecropper” grandparents on the farm.

The Unlocking

Elliot struggles with OCD, locking his door all night, every night. One night he decides to not lock the door, and is horrified when he encounters a strange intruder.

Stanley's Mistake

Stanley is a regular worker in Utopia, a dystopian world where the avoidance of offense reigns supreme over all forms of communication. Everyone makes mistakes, but be careful what you say!

The Star Who Fell To Earth

When a lonely astronomer spots a shooting star and meets a strange woman who seems out of this world, will he finally make a friend or will loneliness be the only feeling he ever knows?


Reeling from an injury, a track athlete must find her way back to competition with the help of her energetic mother.

Reedy Reels Happy Hour

Happy Hour 3:30-5:30 p.m.  sponsored by Constellation Brands, Todaro’s Pizza, Moe’s BBQ wings.

Looking for a chance to socialize with Film Makers and Film Lovers over cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres? Join us between film blocks on Saturday in the lobby of the SC Children’s Theatre for the Reedy Reels Film Festival Happy Hour. Admission is free to festival ticket holders and participating Filmmakers. This event is sponsored by Constellation Brands. 

Constellation Brands

Saturday Session 3

February 18, 2023 5:30 pm. Sponsor Constelation Brands

Q&A Following at 7:10pm

All for Naught

A hitman thinks he's on a routine mission, but he's got another think coming.

I Am We

Willow comes to terms with her diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Her journey takes her on a path of reckoning about the abuse she endured as a child, which caused the disorder. She pieces together the narrative of her life, which is fragmented into more than 40 personalities. Each carry their own memories and experiences from Willow's life and she is working to understand who she is and what happened to her as a child.

Saturday Session 4

February 18, 2023 7:30 pm.  Sponsor Tupelo Honey

Q&A Following at 9:20pm

For Give Me Father

An aging pastor’s faith is put to the test when he hears a devastating confession.

Birthday Boy

An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

Got Your Back

In the 1960s, a group of high school buddies decide to climb their local water tower... Based on a true memoir, and produced in loving memory of Steve Cruea and Jim "Turd" Swanson.


An anxious Indian man desires to get up on stage, but must first overcome his own insecurity about his identity.


How do you begin a new life when carrying the trauma from the past? It sounds daunting, but an enormous amount of the world's population has to face this question every day. The thirteen-minute cinéma vérité documentary follows Naweed and Tamana Shafizada, a married couple who arrived from Afghanistan in August 2021 following the Taliban takeover.

The Devil In The Sky

Not wanting to let go of pride and fame, an aging superhero decides that becoming a villain is the next step in his evolution.


Allen is your no-nonsense father who always disapproves of the “dummies” his daughter Laura dates. This Christmas, when Laura brings home an actual cotton-stuffed dummy as her new boyfriend, Allen must grapple with the fact that he might be getting in the way of her happiness.

The Tale of Captain Fortyhands

When a washed-up pirate captain is threatened by a mysterious new recruit, he's forced to question his life of piracy.


A reserved newlywed Indian-American woman risks being excommunicated from her husband after his family sees her modeling for a provocative commercial.

Sunday - Breakfast

February 19, 2023 9:30 am

Coffee and Pastries Breakfast 
Lobby SC Children’s Theater before the show

Sunday Session 1

February 19, 2023 10:30 am

Q&A Following at 12:10 pm

The Aviary

On a night like any other, 16-year-old Naomi is ripped out of her bed in the dead of night without any indication of where she’s going. Driven hours from home, she finds herself in the middle of an uninhabited forest, at a youth camp designed to rehabilitate troubled-teens into upstanding members of society. Trapped with twelve other teens, Naomi struggles through pitiful living conditions, abusive counselors, and an unaided drug remission. Based on true stories from the troubled youth industry.

Wild Card

A government agent debriefs an American asset with super-human abilities on the outcome of his recent mission. "Wild Card" is a short scene of a feature project created at Western Carolina University.

The Ensuing

A group of hikers are invited to go check out an urban legend at an abandoned tunnel by Terri, their guide. They agree to go check it out but along the way things go terribly wrong.

No Chance

The Big Ball Lottery drawings always turn out the same for Jerry and Sherry, until tonight. Now their lives will never be the same. No Chance was filmed on location in Knoxville, Tennessee.

They Won't Die Twice

A documentary telling the harrowing stories of three heroes of D-Day who would make the ultimate sacrifice during the summer of 1944. As we approach the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings at Normandy, the catalyst for freedom in western Europe during WWII, sadly the veterans who participated and French civilians who witnessed this pivotal moment in world history will soon be gone. Through interviews with loved ones and historians chronicling the stories of these three brave men, the legacies of all will endure.

Die Konfrontation

Two soldiers from opposite sides meet in the midst of a great war. After years of violence, neither feels any hatred against the other. But since neither speak the others language, the confrontation may take a tragic turn…

Sunday Session 2

February 19, 2023 1:00 pm

Q&A Following at 2:40 pm


Can a town marked by the last mass lynching in America make peace with its past? Unspoken is a documentary feature film that traces the journey of resident Stephanie Calabrese who picks up an iPhone camera to uncover buried truths and explore how the community has been impacted by its racial divide through the lens of her own whiteness. Stephanie’s foray into filmmaking offers an insider’s intimate look at the impact of the 1946 quadruple lynching, segregation and integration through today in Monroe, Georgia, and shatters a code of silence that has distanced neighbor from neighbor for generations.

Pre-Existing Freedom

In the year 2020 the world took a turn for the worst or the better depending on how you look at it.

Indie Grant

February 19, 2023 3:30-5:pm

Indie Grants is a grant program for independent filmmakers and other production professionals in South Carolina.  It produces high quality narrative projects that have screened at festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, Palm Springs, Austin, Tall Grass and hundreds more.  Please visit

The Wages of Sin

A middle-aged widow is blackmailed by her dead husband.

The Obscure Charm of Loss

A moment of great turmoil reveals illuminating (re)connections.

The Manager Position

With no job on the horizon and nowhere to go, Phillip returns to his abandoned office building. Where his world starts to open up in unexpected ways.

Day Pass

Out on a day pass from her addiction rehab, Teri is determined to avoid a difficult conversation about her illness by winning her daughter a stuffed bear.

Talk Black

HBO Short Film Award Finalist A timid engineer develops a wild and expressive split personality as she deals with the boys’ club at work.

Sunday Session 4

February 19, 2023 6:00 pm

Q&A Following at 7:40 pm


Erthel is a story about a doctor who happens to be an autistic savant. She has left her job at the hospital, but a co worker arrives at he home with an unusual problem. Disrupting her usual routine, he asks he if she could come back to the hospital and use he brilliant mind to help save a dying patient.

Everybody Don't Electric Slide

At a large family gathering after a funeral, an older woman confronts an awkward young man she doesn’t recognize. In order to reveal his identity, she forces him to use a haunted typewriter that will only type the truth.


The world is burning…. Sun, wind and dust dominate the surface. Life underground is the new normal. Returning home to their basement sanctuary, nocturnal scavengers Riley and her father, Dutch, play their favorite game ‘What’s for dinner?’ with an unopened, beat-up tin can. This is their daily ritual of survival, finding the smallest moments of light in a bleak, dystopian future…until an unexpected visitor surprises them.

Interview With Ian

Celebrity investigative journalist Kelly Merrick interviews Ian McKeene, a reluctant hero who has seen some horrific deaths in his career as a paramedic. As Merrick asks him the difficult questions, probing into his psyche, his fantasy of a hero is stripped away to reveal the disturbing truth about his actions.

Dearest Darling Jeannie

In the late twenties, Jean has a relatively quiet life in America until her husband takes a job in Paris, France. Jean falls in love with Paris and gets a job dancing ballet for the Paris Opera. Jean’s world comes crumbling down when Hitler invades Pairs and she escapes with nothing but the clothes on her back. After the war, Jean's life catapults into a sequence of unfortunate events including health complications. Jean's story is told by her only child and using her favorite medium, Ballet.

The Rowdy & The Righteous

Andrew Blanchard gleans inspiration from a hand-lettered church sign, a phrase in southern fiction, or in the vacant lots left by a devastating storm. Raised in Mississippi, Blanchard has traveled the Southern states photographing details of the region, and bringing these images together with paint, collage, and screenprinting. His process demands reckless abandon, and absolute precision - stepping “one foot into the rowdy, and one in the righteous.” Local Takes is a documentary film series from Spartanburg, SC spotlighting southern artists.

Plain Sight

This is a suspenseful film, that follows a man who is planning on breaking into an apartment in the city. The film also shows the perspective of the oblivious apartment owner. The tension builds as they have a run-in during the robbery.

Justice for Vanessa

A haunting and mesmerizing portrait of a small community in Lake County, California , and the story of Vanessa Niko, an indigenous woman who was murdered by the father of her children.


A veteran struggling to hide his alcohol addiction must come to terms with his guilt and depression after his wife finds his hidden stash and threatens to leave him.


Love Conquers All. Maybe.


A mysterious otherworldly woman experiences increasingly strange phenomena as she is overdue to upload energy to visitors from above for a surprisingly twisted reason.

Sunday Session 5

February 19, 2023 8:15 pm


The Birthday Butterfly

Michael's childhood friend is the black sheep of the group with good reason. When he show up unannounced to the birthday party of Michael's 10 year old daughter, everything that could go wrong does go wrong in this hilarious adult comedy.

The World's Worst Porn Film

What was supposed to be a historic porn movie shoot turns into a disaster.

Awards Ceremony thanks sponsor Tito's Fizzy Cocktails

February 19, 2023 8:45 pm

Awards Ceremony.  And the winners are…?