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2023 Winners & Event Photos




By: Stephaie Calabrese
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 01:18:18

Description: Can a town marked by the last mass lynching in America make peace with its past? Unspoken is a documentary feature film that traces the journey of resident Stephanie Calabrese who picks up an iPhone camera to uncover buried truths and explore how the community has been impacted by its racial divide through the lens of her own whiteness. Stephanie’s foray into filmmaking offers an insider’s intimate look at the impact of the 1946 quadruple lynching, segregation and integration through today in Monroe, Georgia, and shatters a code of silence that has distanced neighbor from neighbor for generations.

Student Film

Curtain Call

By: Prosser Heroman
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:19:01

Description: Musical Theatre in High School can be pretty crazy! When resident it-girl Lea loses the lead role in her school’s senior year musical, she is overcome with jealousy and sparks a plot to win back her role, whatever it takes.

South Carolina Film

Owe Joe

By: Caleb EElls
Category: Local Film
Runtime: 00:18:01

Philip is helping his friend Andie get out of a sticky money situation, but when things go wrong, he is stuck between her, a small-time crime boss, an ex-boyfriend, a cashier, and a cowboy.

Feature Film

Gospel of Ted

By: Alex Wroten 
Category: Feature Film
Runtime: 01:36:12

Description: Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor is getting ready to leave South Carolina behind forever and start a new life in the Queen City – until her deadbeat husband exchanges all their hard-earned money for cryptocurrency at the behest of a shadowy cult figure, known only as Ted. Before her new life can begin, Ferra must dismantle Ted’s legion of Apocalypse-preppers, restore her husband’s sanity, and salvage what’s left of her good name.

Best Short Film

The Birthday Butterfly

 Collins Abbott White, Corey Mahey
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:24:26

Description: Michael’s childhood friend is the black sheep of the group with good reason. When he show up unannounced to the birthday party of Michael’s 10 year old daughter, everything that could go wrong does go wrong in this hilarious adult comedy.

Best Comedy Film

No Chance

By: Taryn Grace
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:12:25

Description:The Big Ball Lottery drawings always turn out the same for Jerry and Sherry, until tonight. Now their lives will never be the same.

Short Film II

The Sound of Your Voice

By: Mitch D. Fields
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:26:50

Description: Does surviving adversity strengthen a bond? Derek and Sydney navigate her teen-pregnancy, but when she leaves their hometown for college in the city, they must reconcile the past with their respective futures.

Patriot Film

They Won’t Die Twice

By: Florent Emilien Plana
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 00:47:11

Description: A documentary telling the harrowing stories of three heroes of D-Day who would make the ultimate sacrifice during the summer of 1944.
As we approach the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings at Normandy, the catalyst for freedom in western Europe during WWII, sadly the veterans who participated and French civilians who witnessed this pivotal moment in world history will soon be gone.
Through interviews with loved ones and historians chronicling the stories of these three brave men, the legacies of all will endure.

People’s Choice


By: Ben Hess, Jared A. Draney
Category: Student Film 
Runtime: 00:12:19

Description: The son of a murdered research scientist risks it all to obtain the cure for cancer to give to the people.

Rick Sharpe, the son of late cancer researcher Martin Sharpe, in an effort to keep his father’s work alive, breaks into Sharpe Labs to steal his father’s recent cure for cancer. But when his Uncle, Victor Sharpe, stops Rick in his tracks, he must use his resources to take the cure and escape, giving the cure to the people like his father wanted.