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2016 Winners


Best Feature

Family Possessions

By: Tommy Faircloth
Category: SC Local
Runtime: 01:50:00

Description: A young girl, Rachael Dunn, inherits the mansion of her estranged grandmother Albertha Dunn. Rachael and her family move into the house to start a new life but once there, strange and unexplained occurrences begin to happen. Rachael uncovers a secret that had been hidden from her and she soon realizes that some family secrets should remain…buried.

Palmetto Prize


By: Chris White
Category: South Carolina Local
Runtime: 00:39:00


A retired U.S. senator with a dark secret, an in-school suspension teacher and his captive audience of one, two lost souls’ unlikely meeting at a roadside diner, the stomach-churning memory of True Love lost, a father’s last will and testament passed on via workshop mix tape.

Award-winning writer-director Chris White presents his 5-film, comic anthology on the nature of personal devolution and change—with a decidedly Southern gothic twist.

Stars Michael Forest, Patti D’Arbanville, Aaron Belz, Teri Parker Lewis, Bill Mazzella, and Lilly Nelson.

Best Short

In a Room at the Edge of Infinity

By: Geoffrey Gunn
Category: South Carolina Local

 Runtime: 00:11:20

A therapist tries to help a young man suffering from a strange form of insomnia.

Best Documentary

Travel Light

By: Lindsay Thompson
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 01:20:00

Description:A small team of young American filmmakers backpack 500 miles across Spain’s Camino de Santiago, attempting to capture not only their own experience, but also the intimate stories of the pilgrims who journey from all over the world to seek truth on the Camino.

Best Comedy

The Password

Micha Taylor, William Steward
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:07:37

Description:All he wants to do is cross the bridge to go to the bank. And he can…once he remembers his password.

Best Animation


By: Jennifer Thompson, Christian Stith
Category: Student Film | 
Runtime: 00:01:30

Description:A butterfly spreads its wings for the first time just before it hits reality.

Audience Choice

Different Times, Man

By: Gunner Willis
Category:  Film
Runtime: 00:00:00

Description: Thomas stumbles upon an opportunity of securing great riches for his future, from the future.

Best Student

The Boyd Estate

By: Christopher Matthews
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:09:02

Description: In attempt to get rich, a man hires a young boy to switch his dying brother’s will.