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2024 Schedule


2024 Entries sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas

Films, Indie Grant, Q&A with film makers, Happy Hour, Awards Ceremony

 South Carolina’s Children’s Theatre, Augusta St. Greenville

Visit concessions during the festival for popcorn, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and special Reedy Reels t-shirts

Opening Night Reception Sponsored by Condado Tacos, Carter Family Wines & Tupelo Honey, Eighth State Brewing

Friday, March 22  5:00 – 7:00 pm

Celebrate opening night of the 2024  Reedy Reels Film Festival with our reception and VIP Party to kick off this year’s festival. Our kick-off party will have cocktails & hors d’oerves available at SC Children’s Theatre Lobby.

Opening Night Films!

March 22, 2023 7:00 – 9:30 am

Q&A  at 9:05 am

Because I Love You

Runtime: 00:13:28

Marco and Joanna enjoy an electric marriage, until Marco is witness to a series of events that lead him to suspect Joanna is having an affair with a co-worker.

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Cart Return

Runtime: 00:03:42

Melanie is just too busy and self-absorbed and refuses to return her shopping cart, leading to an unfortunate turn of events when she's transported directly into a 1960's Hitchcock-like thriller.

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Don't Be Disposed

Runtime: 00:07:30

Two men must dispose of a body, despite what trouble it gives them. After what they think to be a successful hit Slim Jim and his young assistant Fred are tasked with disposing of the body. Once in the woods the two try a few different options for hiding the body. Unknown to them the body still has a trick or two waiting for them

C'est La Vie

Runtime: 00:13:37

After a fatal accident sends a long haul trucker into a spiral, he seeks solace in something new and exciting only to discover he wasn't the only one looking for relief from that fateful night.

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Dont Get Close

Runtime: 00:12:00

Fired from his law internship, Chip is stuck working at a dry cleaner with his offbeat roommate, Uno. To top it off, Chip's got a strange obsession with aliens and it's putting on a strain on his relationships. Conspiracies become reality when Chip wakes up one morning with a gash on his head and no memory of an otherworldly encounter the night before.


Runtime: 00:20:00

Gordon, the former keeper of a lighthouse now turned into a museum, is desperate for someone to help him maintain the site. When Musa, an Afghan refugee, comes knocking on his door, Gordon finally finds the helper he has been waiting for. The two men become friends, confronting their respective cultures and pasts with humour and kindness. But when Gordon discovers the true intentions of Musa's visit, he is faced with a moral dilemma that upsets all his certainties...

Ms. Rossi 2 : Ms. Rossi Takes The Cake

Runtime: 00:17:58

While on her travels as a Loan Officer for the bank, Ms. Rossi encounters some obstacles along the way while just trying to do her job.

Power Chords

Runtime: 00:04:55

A wannabee rockstar and his sleepy roommate learn that his guitar is magic but things take a turn for the worst when he becomes mad with power.


Runtime: 00:06:46

Carly meets an interesting guy after she almost drowns.

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The 9-5

Runtime: 00:03:54

An office worker stuck in the mundanity of routine in her job.

The Journeyman

Runtime: 00:07:57

After being paid to lose a match, an underground boxer must decide what he truly wants.

Two Sisters and the Fairy Stone

Runtime: 00:05:37

Once upon a time, a mother tells her two daughters a bedtime story, but before long, the girls start bickering and fighting. With a spark of inspiration, the mother invents a new story, taking her daughters on an adventure of sisterhood to show the importance of loving one another.

Wicked Image

Runtime: 00:08:48

Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil meet with a corporate PR agent to rehabilitate their images — which includes reminding the world that they're women. However, they quickly discover that the PR agent is more evil than they are.

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Student Educational Session

March 23, 2024 9:30-10:00 am

This session is designed to give student and beginner filmmakers with some insight into filmmaking in Greenville.  Collins White, a local filmmaker, will talk about some of his experiences and provide tips to help young and entry level filmmakers build their craft.

Saturday Session 1 Student Films Thank you sponsor City of Greenville

March 23, 2023 10:00 – 11:45 am

Q&A  at 11:45 am

Beside Myself

Runtime: 00:10:03

Beside Myself is a short film about a girl named Celeste and her journey through life. She meets someone who seems very similar to herself, and as they get closer she dives deeper into her own brain. It is then revealed through subtext that this person isn't real, and was only a reflection of Celeste, to help her get through this stage of life.

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Carolina Hemlock

Runtime: 00:00:40

This short animation shows the invasion of non-native woolly adelgids onto a native Carolina hemlock, and the subsequent intentional introduction of Asian ladybeetles to fight off the invasive parasite.


Runtime: 00:00:20

A man arrives at a crossroads looking to make a deal.

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Dog Days

Runtime: 00:01:18

“Dog Days” is a short and playful animation about a dog and what he does at home while he waits for his owner to come back from work. As many dog-owners know, dogs LOVE to look outside of windows. This film shows some of the things a dog may experience as he sits at home. The childlike styling of the animation allows for the playfulness of my concept to shine through.

Food Cultivates a Community of Cultures

Runtime: 00:05:14

A mini-doc exploring how a college campus' dining hall attempts to connect international students to their homes as well as bringing the entire community and different cultures together.

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Gear Five

Runtime: 00:00:15

In this project I was prompted to create a stop motion animation. I decided to create a collaged animation of an ability called gear five from an anime called One Piece.

Head Space

Runtime: 00:10:18

Shortly after his ex-wife dies, Noah finds himself trapped in the city, unable to escape until he accepts the truth about her mysterious death.

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KnightTime Story

Runtime: 00:02:15

A tiny toy knight yearns to be like the stallion-riding hero of his favorite storybook.

One Last Drink

Runtime: 00:00:0?

After running into his mother that abandoned him at a young age, a recovering alcoholic tries to reconnect with her while struggling to overcome his addiction as a result of childhood trauma.

Pilosus Mater

Runtime: 00:09:18

Director Woods Windham is currently enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A native of Greenville, Woods enjoys creating projects with his two siblings, Maizy and Judd.

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Runtime: 00:01:16

This piece is the representation of connections between our natural selves and the person we outwardly express to the world. As humans, we inwardly mold ourselves to project our ideal personalities and identities, and this creates a harmful, self-destructive pattern throughout our lifespans. The question that this piece is trying to answer is: When we realize we have destroyed ourselves to fit that mold, will we be able to revert back to our original state, or in trying to replicate that naturality do we create retrogression?


Runtime: 00:02:41

Two strangers meet in a ride-share service, eventually learning that everything may not be as it seems...

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Roll the Dice

Runtime: 00:00:28

The suspense behind a dice roll is one of the most iconic moments in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Fate lies in the hand of the die, will the monster be defeated or not?

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The Animator's Process

Runtime: 00:01:00

An animator explores the creation of an animation as it comes to life.

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The Ant Story

Runtime: 00:32:21

Story of 2 ant friends, a film displaying the special interactions just 2 creatures can have while showing the beauty of nature.

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The Bunny's Escape

Runtime: 00:00:24

A bunny is minding his business until suddenly he finds himself trying to escape a big bad wolf.

The Writer's Outlook

Runtime: 00:12:55

A writer explores the medium of art and his passion, writing.

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Thirsty for Potion

Runtime: 00:00:33

A man walks into an abandoned cabin because a blizzard is blowing in. He lights a match to light up the room and he notices a group of potions on top of a table. He notices he is very thirsty, and one bottle stands out to him. The bottle is labeled “drink me” which encourages the man to drink it. At the end of the animation, the false label falls off. The end is a cliffhanger and you get to decide what happened to the man.

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Valentine's Day Plan

Runtime: 00:00:46

A friendly gnome plans and prepares to ask his fairy crush out for Valentine's Day. He goes through a variety of tasks to prepare but gets made fun of by another gnome on the last task. His crush, a little fairy, hears and comes to his rescue.

Film Enthusiast Education Session

March 23, 2024 12:15-1:00

This session will feature an in person interview with Jessica Sherr, accomplished actress, producer, and filmmaker.  She will share some of her key career moments and insights on taking your filmmaking to the next level.  This will be an interactive event and your questions are encouraged.

Saturday Session 2 - SC Film Commission / Indie Grant

March 23, 2023 1:30 – 3:10

Q&A Following at 3:10pm

Indie Grants is a grant program for independent filmmakers and other production professionals in South Carolina.  It produces high quality narrative projects that have screened at festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, Palm Springs, Austin, Tall Grass and hundreds more.  Discover how the program supports South Carolina filmmakers in bringing their visions to life, and provides real-world training environments for the state’s production workforce.  Please visit

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Indie Grant Films

Runtime: 00:00:00

Indie Grant film promiotional video .

Indie Grant Film Promo

Robbie Ain't Right No More

Runtime: 00:00:0?

One of several Indie Grant films to be shown.

Reedy Reels Happy Hour

Happy Hour 3:30-5:30 p.m.  sponsored by Condado Tacos, Todaro Pizza

Looking for a chance to socialize with Film Makers and Film Lovers over cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres? Join us between film blocks on Saturday in the lobby of the SC Children’s Theatre for the Reedy Reels Film Festival Happy Hour. Admission is free to festival ticket holders and participating Filmmakers. This event is sponsored by Constellation Brands. 

Saturday Session 3

March 23,  5:30 pm. Sponsor Condado Tacos, Todaro Pizza

Q&A Following at 7:15pm

Burn Out

Runtime: 00:04:26

Burn Out is a stop motion film about a mechanical candlemaker. Follow his story as he receives more work each day than the previous. The night is growing longer and the work is piling up no matter how much he tries to do, and he must make the decision between finishing the order or completely winding down.

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Do Not Grow Weary

Runtime: 01:29:21

When John Rollins, A highly respected attorney at law, dies, he leaves his daughter, Caroline to take over his large, reputable firm. Being the youngest attorney puts her at odds with the others. When she discovers hidden evidence from a decades old case that would have exonerated her father's client, she gets tangled in the never ending battle between conviction and truth.

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My Over There

Runtime: 00:13:00

Starring Emmy winning actor Penny Fuller, this short film is about Lenore McDowell, a veteran of WWI. Lenore, an Army Nurse, reveals a dramatic and deeply personal part of her life during her time “over there” that she has never shared before. Inspired by a true story.

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Saturday Session 4

March 23  7:45 pm.  Sponsor Complete PR

Q&A Following at 9:25pm


Runtime: 00:12:24

Chloe downloads 4SIGHT, a nefarious fortune telling app that gauges her personal data to manipulate her life.


Runtime: 00:11:28

An interview-style capturing of the life of Ab, a young struggling artist trying to find her way, all while dealing with the unwanted company of her sentient mirror reflection.

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All Eyes

Runtime: 00:15:00

A girl group of four in an isolated training camp discover their true purpose while dealing with interpersonal problems.

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In the Dark

Runtime: 00:03:08


Runtime: 00:12:21

In the blistering heat of a summer's workday, two landscaping co-workers find a quiet solace in their unspoken friendship, as they both separately endure the struggles seeping in from their outside lives.

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Runtime: 00:18:21

In the solitude of his twilight years, Mateo can't help but reminisce about his life. Consumed by the memories of a former lover, he turns to the only thing he knows that can satisfy his longing for the past, music. Mateo uses a device that allows the listener to gain the ability to relive their memories, and he revisits some of the core moments of his life.

The Encounter

Runtime: 00:14:11

Following a tragic accident at work, Henry bears witness to a horrific act that provides an opportunity to redeem himself.

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The Sight of Angles

Runtime: 00:15:40

This story takes place in Naples (Italy) during Christmas time. It is a story of a man, who is becoming blind quickly from an illness and right before Christmas day, the 25th of December, his brother who was very close to him, during this time, tells him that he’s going to leave the Country the day after.

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Sunday - Coffee & Pastries

March 24, 9:30 am

Coffee and Pastries Breakfast 
Lobby SC Children’s Theater before the show

Sunday Session 1

March 24 10:30 am

Q&A Following at 12:10 pm

How to Break a World Record

Runtime: 01:23:58

A rock band with a propensity to create their own adventures attempts to bring a mandolin Guinness World Record from India to their hometown in Greenville, South Carolina. Along the way, they discover it's far more challenging than they had ever imagined, and there's suddenly a lot riding on their ability to succeed in this one-of-a-kind documentary film.

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My Friend David

Runtime: 00:05:43

David is my friend, my hero, my brother and a special human with a huge heart, an infectious smile and moderate-severe autism. Why can’t the world see him as I do? No…why doesn’t the world want to see him? World, meet David. “My Friend, David” is an inspiringly raw yet heartwarming documentary short that tells the story of the extraordinary love between neurotypical and neurodivergent siblings.


Runtime: 00:11:15

Sincero follows Alex Sanchez, a formerly incarcerated graffiti writer, on his journey to becoming an established portrait muralist. Santa Ana is the city Alex Sanchez calls home. Known for its local artistry and sometimes vagrant gang violence, this city's tag-banging, and graffiti culture run rampant. Sanchez fell in love with Hip Hop culture and sketching as a child, sharpening his skills with his friends in the neighborhood alley. Growing up in an environment with little alternatives to violence, Sanchez narrowly avoided certain lifestyles by clinging to his only form of self-expression-- graffiti writing.

Sunday Session 2

March 24,  1:00 pm

Q&A Following at 2:40 pm

Carly Dolls

Runtime: 00:19:54

When Carly, a naive, homeschooled fourteen-year-old, is forced to face the treacherous waters of public high school, she turns to her beloved dolls, Lily and Mermia, for comfort and advice. Sprung from Carly's own vivid imagination and taking the form of lifesize "friends," they guide Carly through the ups and downs of growing up, fitting in, and figuring herself (and her sexuality) out.

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Nature's Wisdom Thru Native Eyes

Runtime: 00:56:29

What happens when storytelling, native wisdom and nature’s intelligence converge? Possibly a way to heal our broken relationship with the living world.

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That's My Stool

Runtime: 00:06:28

After accidentally stealing a seat next to a beautiful woman at a bar, a shy pencil-pusher must stand his ground against her less-than-stellar date.

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The Amazing Balancing Mouse

Runtime: 00:01:00

The tightrope walking mouse is the main attraction of the circus. However, this performance’s audience may change the stakes of failure.

To the Moon and Back

Runtime: 00:18:20

When a young girl asks the moon to send her a friend, she comes face-to-face with the older version of herself, and must learn to love who she is.

Session 3

March 24,  3:30

Q&A 4:50 pm

Grasping Gravestones

Runtime: 00:19:05

After an accident, Joel must respond to his memories and face his emotions. All while grappling with the present day.

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Southern Prison Culture

Runtime: 00:48:00

Southern Prison Culture is a documentary that illustrates quantitative key performances indicators such as recidivation rates and combines them with raw qualitative first-hand accounts of prison life from former inmates to give viewers a riveting and jaw dropping look at prison culture in the south. The method of this review is to examine prison conditions and analyze the original desired outcomes of prison. The objective of this review is to subsequently challenge whether the prison system should exist in its current form.

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Worn Thin

Runtime: 00:0:28

A single mother works seven days a week selflessly to provide a worry-free upbringing for her son, but when he gets a rare look into one of her day dreams, he has the opportunity to choose work or play in order to show his appreciation and love.

Sunday Session 4

March 24,  5:30 pm

Q&A 7:00 pm

Chocolate Thunder

Runtime: 00:14:32

After a nerdy teen boy’s persona Chocolate Thunder, loses his online gf days before the dance, he must find a new date!

Honey, Hush! Honey

Runtime: 00:05:00

Classic southerner with a little trace of hippie, Neala Jones gives her unique take on beekeeping. She tells her inspiration to start, her struggles, and the rewards of her difficult but meaningful hobby.

I Am Hopeful Because I Speak

Runtime: 00:04:10

Liam Elias Renken was born on July 4, 2017. He is our second child. Everyone said the second child picks things up faster because they have an older sibling. But something was definitely amiss about Liam. He had what was later diagnosed as Apraxia, a rare speech disorder that impaired his vocal communication. This is his journey to find his voice.

Prisoner By Choice

Runtime: 01:06:17

This film tells the story of Frankie San who came to the United States after being saved from the depths of suicidal disillusionment in post WWII Japan by a missionary. He was driven by love to do whatever he could for his fellow man, which meant taking that love to the “least of these,” some of the worst men in hated and forgotten by the rest of society.

Watch Trailer

Sunday Session 5

March 24,  7:40 pm

Q&A 8:40 pm

Clean Sweep

Runtime: 00:11:03

Nina, a seemingly ordinary housekeeper at a hotel in downtown Greenville, is bored with her life and her dead-end job. She dreams of a career on Broadway but lacks the money to move to pursue it fully. When Nina walks into her first room of the day, she stumbles upon a sticky situation that’ll take more than Lysol to clean up. To her disbelief, she encounters the feared King Mosley, the notorious mobster who runs the city, and he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Keep On Chooglin'

Runtime: 00:19:00

A male stripper and a hippy realize they have more in common than they might’ve thought after sitting down for breakfast/dinner.


Runtime: 00:08:33

When a grumpy hermit is bribed to run for mayor of a rural town, she comes out of her shell to protect her trailer park from impending destruction.

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The Last Defector

Runtime: 00:20:00

A Russian Conductor defects from the USSR in 1992 with the help of a housewife from Greenville, South Carolina.

Awards Ceremony

March 24 8:55 pm

Awards Ceremony.  And the winners are…?

Networking and autographs in the lobby 9:15 pm