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3-2-1 Student Film Festival


October 7th The Governors School. See Film Titles Below!

Calling all Student Filmmakers Piedmont Natural Gas Presents Reedy Reels: The Greenville Festival and South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities are teaming up to bring a rare opportunity for local student filmmakers. October 7th, 2023 9:30am – 5:30pm The Governors School 15 University St, Greenville, SC 29601 Attendees can expect a student film contest screening, educational sessions, a keynote speaker presentation and networking with other filmmakers & school faculty. Tickets are open to public at no charge. Seats are limited, hit the button below to reserve your tickets in advance! Purchase a Ticket Submit a Film More Information

Student Films In Order of Appearance.



House Call


Post-Pandemic Pedant




The Rundown


The Tree


The 9 – 5


Power Chords



The Bird and The Beast






Dog Fight


Dumpling Duet


Frightful’s Hunt


Getting a Yes


Honey, Hush! Honey


Last Chance Viola


Microscopic Eaters




Reaching Out




Whispers That Run


How Mental Health Effects People



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Rules for the 321 Student Film Festival


What:  321 Student Film Festival

When:  Festival will take place on Oct 7, 2023.  The submission deadline is Sept 30, 2023

How:  Send a downloadable file link to


    1. The 321 Student Film Festival is designed to increase awareness of filmmaking in the SC Upstate.  This festival is open to currently enrolled students in South Carolina high schools, colleges, and universities.  There will be a panel of judges that will rate films based on story (script, acting, directing), technical merits (sound, camera work, editing), and overall production.
    2. There will be 2 student groups (college/university and high school) and each group will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.  Prizes will include award certificates, free film entry to the 2024 Reedy Reels Film Festival, and VIP passes to the 2024 Reedy Reels Film Festival.  Total retail value of prizes are $420 for 1st place, $220 for 2nd place, and $120 for 3rd place.
    3. Director/producer(s) and writer(s) must be currently enrolled high school or college students.
    4. Completed films must be submitted to Reedy Reels via a URL link that is emailed to  This is the only way to submit films for consideration.  Recommend that you upload your film into a shareable cloud based storage like Google, Drop Box, or other similar service.  Copy and paste a download link so Reedy Reels can download the file.
    5. Films must be in MP4 or MOV format.
    6. Films must be limited to the following guidelines:
      1. 321 format:  Maximum 3 pages of script, 2 actors, 1 location
        1. A single location is defined as a single property where filming can be done outside or in multiple rooms of the same property.
      2. Films may not be longer than 5 minutes total run time (including credits).
    7. Family friendly content.  This festival is designed for students and participants will be minors.  The content of films must be family friendly and appropriate for younger viewers.  The 321 Student Film Festival judges may reject submissions that violate the content restrictions.
    8. In your submission email include the following information:
      1. Title of the film
      2. Date it was finished
      3. Name of submitter
      4. Name of director
      5. Name of producer (if applicable)
      6. Name of writer
      7. Name(s) of actor(s)
      8. Location (city, state) of filming
      9. Copy of the script
      10. Name of school you attend
      11. Picture of your school ID showing your name, school, and current year.
      12. Optional items (not required and will not be part of judging criteria):
        1. Link to movie trailer
        2. Movie poster
        3. Still shot from movie, or title page
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Our Vision

Reedy Reels Film Festival encourages the promotion, education and appreciation of independent filmmaking in the Greenville community. The art of independent film brings a diverse edge to the Upstate by reaching outside of the commercial cinema multiplex. This festival encourages the creation of film in the Upstate and beyond while raising awareness and appreciation of the art form.