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Bradley Hawkins


Bradley Hawkins

Director, Dadley Productions

Bradley Hawkins is an actor and director living in Landisville, Pennsylvania.


Landisville, PA

Festival Year


Film Title

Calf Rope

Artist bio

Actor/Director, Bradley Hawkins, made his directorial debut for the big screen in 2015 with his award-winning comedy short, ROLLER COASTER. After starting a career as an actor in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1990s, Hawkins and his family moved to Lancaster, PA where he taught film studies, and humanities courses at the high school level, and directed several stage productions. Now retired from teaching, Hawkins has picked up where he left off 25 years ago, and his recent acting credits include the lead role in LOBSTER CAGE, and supporting roles on television in, COLD CASE, UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, MURDER BOOK, and DEADLINE: CRIME. As a film director, screenwriter, and producer, Hawkins won 10 awards for his comedy short, ROLLER COASTER, and 21 awards for his comedy-fantasy short, FILLING IN.

Artist statement

Loosely based on my childhood memories of the tight bond I had with my Grandad Mac, CALF ROPE focuses on the legacy that he unknowingly left behind that influenced me as to what it means to be the playful, connected, and active grandpa that I strive to be with my own two young grandchildren today. CALF ROPE means more to me on a personal level than any other creative endeavor I’ve ever embarked on. It truly feels like my entire life has led to this moment in time for the purpose of telling this story of the importance of leaving a long-lasting legacy for the generations beyond through the wonder and magic of cinema.