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Cameron Logan


Cameron Logan


Cameron Logan is a director living in Jackson, South Carolina.


Jackson, SC

Festival Year


Film Title

Bryn Gets A Life

Artist bio

Cameron Logan was born and raised in Augusta, GA and currently lives in Aiken, SC. He has directed multiple award-winning short films including ‘Teddy’s Party’ and ‘Bryn Gets a Job’. He recently completed his first feature film, ‘Bryn Gets a Life’, an 80’s comedy about family, friendship, and the search for a missing, autographed, golden, vinyl record.

Artist statement

We shot ‘Bryn Gets a Life’ over the course of two weeks right before covid hit. Little did we know we would need some comedy in our lives in the coming year.

Our story takes place in 1986 and centers around a young record story employee named Bryn (rhymes with ‘win’). Since it is a period film, we tried to stay as accurate to the time period as possible, from the costumes to the technology to the cars and the music.

Although this was a low budget film, we managed to secure the town square of Edgefield, SC for a day and filled it with vintage cars. It was the same town square where ‘That Darn Cat’ (starring Christina Ricci) was filmed in the 90’s. We had over 40 cast and crew that day, which was by far our most hectic day on set.

Since much of the film takes place in a record store, we shot in Grantski Records in Augusta, GA. The owner was kind enough to let us rent out the store for a few days.

All of the music is original, but we tried to recreate the sound of music in the 80’s with a mostly synth-pop soundtrack.

Overall, we had a great cast and crew, and did miracles on our budget. The film tells a heartfelt, funny, uplifting story about family, friendship, grace, and contentment. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy!