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Cameron Thuman


Cameron Thuman


Cameron Thuman is a director living in Los Angeles, California.


Los Angeles, California

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Film Title

Iron Head

Artist bio

Cameron is a Park City raised, Los Angeles-based filmmaker. Growing up creating videos for professional skiers, Cameron fell in love crafting each project towards an athlete’s unique personality. Built upon the values of tonality, style, and aesthetic, his filmmaking staple is to craft a nuanced cinematic representation for every individual and product he captures.

Cameron’s latest film Iron Head, sponsored by Panavision, was most recently nominated for the Young Director Award, associated with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Cameron has directed talent like Ally Ioannides (Into the Badlands), Magnus Walker (Porsche collector), and Valentin Chmerkovskiy (Dancing with the Stars). His work has been featured on Porsche Newsroom, Entertainment Tonight, and Automobile Magazine.

Artist statement

Iron Head is a tragic crime drama about loyalty in a brutal world revolving around the dichotomy of two siblings and their everlasting connection.

Through the cinematography, visual design, and soundscape, the audience is transported into a unified aesthetic and highly thematic Neo-noir story set in a lonely and barren 1990s Los Angeles.

The story has fourteen on-screen locations to visualize the diverse interactions, uncertainty, and distance the main character will travel as the camera forebodes the danger he’ll face in his hunt. I wanted to fill the story with vivid moral ambiguity as every character surrounding Miles believes Nora is a stone-cold human, filled with dread. As agony consumes his life, the audience is left to question if they should believe Miles or the characters around him. How can Miles reconcile the Nora he once knew and the Nora that is?

My team and I aimed to craft an impactful stand-alone short while setting the stage for a thematic “Netflix” crime drama. In development is the Iron Head limited series that follows Nora’s (Ally Ioannides attached talent) humane struggles as a nuanced, sensitive, and strong female hired killer seeking to resolve her internal demons, “How do you find redemption, when you have nobody left to redeem?”