David Donar


David Donar


David Donar is a filmmaker living in Anderson, South Carolina.


Anderson, SC


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Jack of Diamonds

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My art career spans different venues, industry, and medium. I started out as a political cartoonist in college. I professionally drew for daily and weekly newspapers in the early 1990’s until I discovered the technology to pursue my satire into the animation realm. I moved to the west coast to pursue my animation studies at Cal Arts and then to work for the Cartoon Network, MTV, Disney Interactive. I continued with my independent films that were broadcast on MTV, PBS, the Independent Film Channel, and screened in film festivals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Sao Paulo.
I am an associate professor at Clemson University’s Digital Arts Production program. I have come full circle applying my animation and film making into political satire that have been published on The New York Times, CNN, CBC and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to political satire, I have found music is playing a bigger role in my work. Through folklore and traditional Americana music and culture, I am performing and recording traditional music that reflects the various ethnic, regional and folk tales that is becoming a new foundation for my animation practice.