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Jordan-Paige Sudduth


Jordan-Paige Sudduth


Jordan-Paige Sudduth is a director.



Festival Year


Film Title

Operation Grade Changer

Artist bio

Jordan-Paige Sudduth is a young and ambitious creative who
always turns to the arts when the real world gets boring. In
high school, she often wondered how she’d react if crazy
scenarios took place. Like, how would her classmates react if a
zombie apocalypse started in the middle of algebra? Despite her
daydreaming, Jordan-Paige was a great student who believes in
learning something new every day.

Jordan-Paige started in the industry as a child actor, and learned many valuable lessons relevant to her filmmaking and writing career. She made her first film, a feature film titled CRACKED, at 16 years old, and fell in love with storytelling. She has written over 80 screenplays, and produced 17 projects through her production company, JayPay Productions. Jordan- Paige’s favorite scripts to write usually feature teenage protagonists, and elements of magic, adventure, and post- apocalyptic worlds. A number of her stories also feature a theme she strongly believes in; family is not always defined by blood.

Jordan-Paige hopes to become a showrunner or television staff
writer in the future. However, Jordan has many dreams for her
future and plans to fulfill them all. She’s just an ordinary
girl trying to do extraordinary things.

Artist statement

“Operation Grade Changer” is a fun script driven by characters,
and I wanted that to translate over to screen. On set, we didn’t
focus too much on dramatic lighting or camera angles, because
the main focus of this film is the characters. I wanted to make
sure the characters individual personalities and goals were
clearly and comedically portrayed. At the end of the film, if
you hate Rowan and are rooting for Alex and Hayden, then we’ve
done our jobs well.