Randall Owens


Randall Owens

Randall Owens is a director living in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Location: Greenville, SC
  • Website: https://prodogtv.com
  • Festival year: 2021
  • Film title: ProDogTV

Artist bio

Randall has a unique gift for telling client stories in visual form. In 2005, he founded Skyline Post, a Greenville-based video production and post-production company, and served as the executive producer for thirteen years. In 2018, Randall and his team joined YCP, expanding our video capabilities and bringing state-of-the-art equipment, production and post-production talent, and industry expertise to our video department.

Randall’s experience includes more than twenty years in commercial and feature film production. He has worked with national brands across the country, including Ryobi, Home Depot, Scansource, and the Carolina Panthers to produce cinema-quality video that brings client messages to life on the screen.

Artist statement

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