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Tim French


Tim French


Tim French is a director and screenwriter living in New Mexico.


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Born in NYC, Tim moved from Brooklyn to Santa Fe New Mexico at the age of two. He developed a passion for storytelling starting in elementary school and his favorite subject was always English. While writing was Tim’s true love, reading wasn’t. When Tim was in the third grade he was diagnosed with dyslexia and sent to the resource room at his public elementary school each day. There he would sit with a tutor who would try to help him with his reading skills. Being taken out of class in front of his peers and sent to the resource room caused Tim to feel a bit like an outsider. Tim felt even more this way when he turned thirteen and his parents sent him to a boarding school in New England for kids who were dyslexic. Tim’s writing would mirror his current situation with him telling stories of those who were ostracized and how such adversity could make one stronger.
It wasn’t until his freshman year in college, when Tim found he is true calling… screenwriting. Finally, he had found a way to take his two loves (films and writing) and merge them together. What really got Tim excited about screenwriting was when he saw Pulp Fiction for the first time. The way the characters in the film conversed and interacted with each other got his adrenaline pumping. He left the film with a new appreciation and outlook towards dialogue and the art of storytelling. Tim had developed such a passion for screenwriting that after his second year in college he changed his major from broadcast journalism to screenwriting. His thesis was a feature script tilted Grannies. Grannies tells the story of three elderly women who escape from their nursing home and hi-jack an RV for Mexico. Tim describes the script as Thelma & Louise meets The Golden Girls. Like his previous stories, Grannies focuses on what it’s like to not feel wanted and trying to find your place in the world.
Three months after Tim graduated from Loyola Marymount, a producer named Frederick Zollo got a hold of Grannies and pitched it to various studios. Each studio passed because they felt that there wasn’t enough of an audience for a story that revolves around three main characters over the age of seventy. The rejection from the studios didn’t discourage Tim from continuing to pursue his passion. After moving back home to New Mexico, Tim wrote and directed a few short films while working full time as a realtor. After a long run in real estate, Tim decided to move back to Los Angles so he could be closer to the film industry. Shortly after his move back, Tim co-wrote a feature titled Intersection. Tim would go on to direct the film. Intersection is now making the rounds in the festival circuit.